Do Squirrels Eat Pine Cones?

Do Squirrels Eat Pine Cones?

For those who have observed squirrels running around in their yard, one may have noticed their fondness for pine cones. But, do squirrels eat pine cones? In this comprehensive article, we will discuss the types of squirrels that eat pine cones, why they indulge in these conifer delights, and how their consumption impacts pine trees. Additionally, we will explore how squirrels store pine cones for later consumption and share some tips to stop squirrels from eating pine cones in your yard.

Which types of squirrels eat pine cones?

Red Squirrel

The American red squirrel is an avid consumer of pine cones and is often found chewing through green pine cones to get to the seeds inside. Not only do red squirrels eat the seeds, but they also use the cones as a food source during winter when other sources may be scarce.

Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels also eat pine cones, particularly the female pine cones, which contain the seeds the squirrels crave. Like the red squirrel, grey squirrels are known to strip the cones to obtain and eat the seeds inside.

Pine Squirrel

Pine squirrels, as their name suggests, are known to enjoy various types of pine cones and are often observed eating pine cones of several different species. Pine squirrels are particularly fond of the seeds found within the cones and will eat them as their primary food source.

Why do squirrels eat pine cones?

Pine Seeds

Squirrels eat pine cones primarily for the seeds inside the cone. The seeds serve as a rich food source for squirrels, providing them with essential nutrients and calories needed to maintain their energetic lifestyle. Squirrels will eat the female cones to access these seeds.

Nutritional Value

The seeds found in pine cones are highly nutritious, containing essential fatty acids, protein, and other important nutrients. The high nutritional value of pine seeds makes them an irresistible food source for squirrels, who need a wide variety of nutrients to support their active lifestyle.

Squirrels love

Squirrels love the taste of pine seeds, making them even more attracted to pine cones. This love of pine seeds may even be passed down through generations, as baby squirrels learn from their parents about the best food sources in their surroundings.

What is the impact of squirrels eating pine cones on pine trees?

Chew Pine Trees

Squirrels often chew on pine trees to reach the cones and access the seeds within. This chewing can damage the tree, leaving it more vulnerable to insects and diseases. However, the overall impact on the tree’s health is usually minimal, as the squirrels tend to focus on the cones themselves.

Pine Tree Growth

While squirrels do eat a significant amount of pine seeds, their consumption is not likely to have a dramatic impact on the overall growth and reproduction of pine trees in the long term. In fact, squirrels can help spread pine seeds, thus contributing to the propagation of new trees.

Conifer Health

While squirrels can cause some damage to individual trees when eating pine cones, their impact on overall conifer health is minimal. Squirrels are just one part of the larger ecosystem, and their occasional feasting on pine cones is unlikely to have a significant negative effect on the conifer population.

How do squirrels store pine cones for later consumption?

Squirrels Store Pine Cones

When squirrels eat pine cones, they often store some of the uneaten portions for later consumption. This storage allows them to have a steady food supply during winter.

Underground Caching

Squirrels will often store pine cones by burying them underground in caches. These hidden caches serve as a food source during harsh winter months when other foods may not be easily accessible.

Tree Nests

In addition to underground caches, squirrels will also store pine cones within their tree nests. Squirrels will eat these stored pine cones during winter when other food resources are scarce, helping them survive the cold season.

How to stop squirrels from eating pine cones in your yard?

Protective Measures

To stop squirrels from eating pine cones in your yard, consider using protective measures like netting or fencing to keep them away from your trees. This can help minimize the amount of damage they cause and preserve your pine cones for other uses.


Using deterrents like squirrel repellents or motion-activated sprinklers can also help keep squirrels away from your pine cones. These deterrents give squirrels the impression that your yard is not a safe or comfortable place to find food.

Alternative Food Sources

Providing alternative food sources for squirrels can help keep them away from your pine cones. Consider setting up squirrel feeders stocked with corn and other nutritious foods to divert their attention from the pine cones on your trees.

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