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Our blog is run by Dr. Evelyn Woods, a renowned squirrel ecologist and conservationist who has spent her career studying these remarkable creatures. With a Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology and years of field experience, Dr. Woods is a leading authority in the field of squirrel ecology.

Dr. Evelyn Woods

Dr. E.Wood

Dr. Evelyn Woods is a highly respected squirrel expert who has dedicated her life to the study and conservation of these fascinating creatures. With a Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology and years of field experience, she has become a renowned authority in her field.

As a squirrel ecologist, Dr. Woods possesses a deep understanding of the various squirrel species, their behaviors, and their ecological impact. Her expertise extends to topics such as squirrel behavior, communication, mating rituals, and foraging patterns. Through her extensive fieldwork, Dr. Woods employs advanced tracking techniques to study squirrel movements and habitat preferences.

Dr. Woods is not only dedicated to scientific research but also actively engages in conservation efforts. She collaborates with conservation organizations, governmental agencies, and local communities to develop strategies for protecting squirrel populations and their habitats. Her passion for education and outreach drives her to give presentations at schools, universities, and community events, inspiring people of all ages to appreciate and protect squirrels.


Dr. Woods is a prolific writer with numerous publications in prestigious scientific journals. Her research papers cover a wide range of topics related to squirrel ecology, conservation, and management. Additionally, she has authored popular books and articles aimed at a broader audience, making complex scientific concepts accessible and exciting for the general public.

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